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Chin up — better days are on the way

A family of three playing by the seaside at sunset with their dog. Their figures are dark sillhouettes against a blue sky.
Better days are on the way (Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay)

Learning to code is hard. It’s really hard, especially so if you’re a self-taught programmer with no mentor to help you through the rough patches. You will have moments of elation when you understand a new concept and a new piece of the puzzle slots into place in your mind…

My Last Eleven Articles Summarized

Source AWS Amplify

Three months ago I began a series of articles that were meant to evaluate the AWS Amplify service. My initial motivation was to compare Firebase to Amplify. If you are considering using Amplify for your application backend, you might find this summary of my last eleven articles useful.

The Articles in Chronological Order

Firebase vs AWS Amplify

This article…

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